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Where those like minded can express themselves

If you've found your way here... I'm suprised. This is a place for punks, rockers, goths, geeks, loners, or anyone scorned, shunned, or disliked by society. Here there is no normal, for normal is society... and society sucks.

Send in all of your stuff - thats means poetry, art, pictures, writings, rants, anything you want to see here, show me, or tell me.


Send your shit!get this gear!


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Sorry the site needs a lot of work. Just thought I'd get it set up for everyone now

11/11/04 start working on the site
01/12/05 punk-rock-goth is finally published to the interweb

Fuck Society!

All information here is original artisitic property of Deja Johnston - unless otherwise noted.