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Close Minded

Conversation with the most close minded individual I've had the unfortunate luck to encounter.

Webb6691: what the hell is ur problem
FilleMorteSeule: what?
Webb6691: EnfantReveur: Just thought you should kno shes been talkin some heavy shit on ya
FilleMorteSeule: oh Brianna?
Webb6691: no you
FilleMorteSeule: yeah?
FilleMorteSeule: whats ur point? you dont like me, I'm not particularly fond of you.
Webb6691: ok who ever said i didnt like oyu
FilleMorteSeule: everyone- that u insult me becuz I'm different
FilleMorteSeule: my shoes, lip ring, clothes, everything about me
Webb6691: how? and thats not true if u dont know 8th grade theres a thing called rumors
FilleMorteSeule: in health, the halls, that you say things about me
Webb6691: i just said i didnt like ur shoes i said u had fish nets on ur legs and i just said y did u get those piercings and i dont say things 'about' u
FilleMorteSeule: ok well everyone says its insults
Webb6691: like who
Webb6691: cuz im gonna say something to them cuz i never say stuff about you
Webb6691: and thats really rude that u say things about me
FilleMorteSeule: I'm not saying, just a little bit of stuff from a few people
Webb6691: that u can go about my intelligence level
Webb6691: to let u know my gpa was a 97
Webb6691: thats cuz no one said anything to u
FilleMorteSeule: well grades don't reflect the intelligence level I'm talking about... I'm sorry if I got you worng, Cody.
FilleMorteSeule: *wrong

Webb6691: ok wat do u mean by the intelligence level then
Webb6691: im waiting for an answer cuz i really wanna know
FilleMorteSeule: Other things... what self expression is, why I do what I do, intelligence in the world- not books
Webb6691: if u wear fish nets on ur legs thats a cry for help
Webb6691: and i know wat self expression is
Webb6691: i have intelligence in the world
Webb6691: but to tell mu the truth i dont know why u do wat u do
Webb6691: u*
FilleMorteSeule: Same reason anyone else would. Why do cheerleaders cheer, people dye their hair blonde, get their ears pierced
Webb6691: to be happy
Webb6691: worshiping the devil = unhappy
Webb6691: = not cool
Webb6691: = wierd
FilleMorteSeule: you think I worship the devil? ROTFL
Webb6691: rotfl
Webb6691: ?
FilleMorteSeule: rolling on the floor laughing
Webb6691: well u dress like a goth so umm hmm lemme think here ?
FilleMorteSeule: LMAO- you think goth = worship devil?
Webb6691: umm yea they do
FilleMorteSeule: and heres the reason I insult your intelligence level.
FilleMorteSeule: You don't know ANYTHING about Goth, not one single thing.
FilleMorteSeule: Nothing about Body Mods, nothing about meditation, nothing about socialist pacifism...

Webb6691: y would u want body mods meditation or socialist pacifism
Webb6691: ur just a wierdo
Webb6691: goths do worship the devil
Webb6691: y else would the wear black
Webb6691: so dont insult my intelligence level any more
FilleMorteSeule: body mods = beauty to me
meditation = peace to me
socialist pacifism = my theories
Webb6691: theories of worshiping the devil?
FilleMorteSeule: of not harming others and a perfect world
Webb6691: uh how much pot did u smoke today?
FilleMorteSeule: i don't do drugs.
Webb6691: the world isnt perfect
FilleMorteSeule: why can't I dream?
Webb6691: cuz ur awake?
Webb6691: jk but
FilleMorteSeule: Why can't I dream of a perfect world?

Webb6691: dreaming of being in a dark place as a perfect world.. its never gonna happen
FilleMorteSeule: who says I want a dark place to be the perfect world?
Webb6691: well ur clothes show it
FilleMorteSeule: I like dark colors, because its different. I like the dark because its easier to sleep when you're an insomniac... I LOVE day, I love nature, I love the world.
FilleMorteSeule: If you think you're open minded go there
FilleMorteSeule: Thats the TRUTH about goth
Webb6691: mmk
Webb6691: i gg lndsey wants on
FilleMorteSeule: ok

I am FilleMorteSeule. Don't harass that kid. Not his fault he's already been corrupt by society.

All information here is original artisitic property of Deja Johnston - unless otherwise noted.