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Media Brainwash

How the media is brainwashing you this second

The media has brainwashed todays Americans into believeing what THEY want you to believe. Whether it be politics, what to buy, or what to wear - the media effects everything you do whether you are aware or not. Even in schools they have you watch some sort of news program about 15-20 minutes long every morning informing you of news around the world.

How many hours of television do you watch a day? Maybe 5 or 6? Well I bet you turn it on the second you walk in the door and it isn't turned off until the second you fall asleep. Thats WAY more than 5 0r 6 hours of television. Thats about 8 or more. Even if you aren't giving the television your full attention you are still listening to it. Whenever you hear something interesting you immediately stop what you're doing and watch. What is that?

The war in Iraq was televised. You saw Iraqi's being bombed. The U.S. winning. You saw what THEY wanted you to see. Saddam as a tyrant compared to Hitler, the U.S. being unsung heroes to the poor people or Iraq. Half those people were happy where they were. They didn't even WANT our help, and yet we go over there and bomb the hell out of them, take their leader, impose a new system of goverment upon them, and change their whole lifestyle. The interview of one happy Iraqi is supposed to express the ENTIRE people? I don't think so.

Everything on television is brainwashing. Your favorite cartoon, and especially commercials. But this, buy that. You know what? Just because this cheese is in a prettier package than this one doesn't mean I'm going to buy it. Just because a more atractive person is eating it doesn't mean its better for you. I buy my food based on what it tastes like. Maybe I'll try something new - but not because I see it on TV. EVer see how if you see it on TV you automatically think it must be good?

Don't even get me started on media's potrayl of beauty. Ever see those models? So unrealistic! 5' 8" (taller than most men) a size 3 (about the size of some teen girls) flat chested (most women have at least SOME chest) and blonde hair blue eyes. How many women really look like that? How many men want a woman like that? Thanks to the media young girls now think thats what they have to be. Ever heard of anorexia and bulimia? If they'd just put some NORMAL looking people on that catwalk you wouldn't have teen girls starving themselves.

Then there's the media's potrayl of 'psychos' and 'weird' people. They flash you the picture of some kid who went on a shooting spree - he looks a little different. Maybe dressed in black? Maybe a nerd or someone who got made fun of? The media blames the shooting on the way he looks. Ever think its the media who tells you that people like that are unproductive and weird? Leading to the low self-esteem and self destruction of a kid who was probaly 10% smarter than you and about 50% more common sense.

So whatever. Turn on the televison. Read a good book. Learn something new. Start up a hobby... why not learn some dead art or fencing or something productive and creative like that? Better yet film your OWN movie, you can be the next brainwasher.

thanks to L. Wolfe at for the great ideas and turning on the light in my head

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