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My Poems

Poetry from the depths of my mind and soul.

My heart is filled with tears,
But my eyes won't let me convert the sensation,
Confused and disoriented on the subject of love,
My stomach lurches,
The bile churns,
But nothing out of it comes,
My nails bitten down,
Nailly stubs,
All thats left of a feminine quality,
Nervous for no reason,
Hating for good reason,
Trusting in one reason,
Three want my heart,
Only one will succeed,
One has it now- but hes falling away,
One has ahold- hes squeezing tighter,
One keeps grasping- but has nothing but air,
Must let TWO go,
Can have only ONE,
But tears will fall,
And I will bow,
But sacrifice must be made,
For all of this to STOP,
For me to find happiness,
And TRUE love.

Mother hatred,
Coddling her darling daughters,
Creating these crying children,
Dying from poison gases choking me,
Nicotine skylight watches over,
This hated butterfly,
Molting slowly.

Crisscrossed jump ropes falling of the ledge,
Tic tack toe boards sitting on the desk,
Children sleeping as the book is read,
He won't stand up just to say the pledge,
Don't revolt against the government,
Poor little Johnny's dead.

Purple shoe boy running down the road,
Bully bully bully shoving down his throat,
Unknown causes causing him this stress,
Wonder why hes shooting kids,
He wears the yellow dress.

Pink and yellow protestors protesting at the gates,
Shotgun boys toting guns hitting what they hate,
Shots are heard and red is spilled,
Pink and yellow fall,
Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
The commander ends it all.

Silver lining in the cloud,
He sees it as black to gold,
Giving his home the boost,
While bombing out the hole.

Shaking hands with those who hate,
Kissing those who kill,
Accusing those who he once loved,
Hiding those who will.

Don't stand up if you can't walk,
He can't be reasoned with- just don't talk,
Don't speak up if you're mute,
He's singling you out- hes stupid.

We need a Moore state of mind,
Where all we see is Bushes,
Hiding the truth,
Behind their thrushes,
Moore and more liberals,
Killing the Bushes,
But the thrushes sing,
And freedom can't ring,
The bell won't toll.

Cold lonely hungry,
Not anyone here,
Cold seeing death,
Not in America,
Hungry dying protestors,
Starved of their rights.

Pretty little policeman sitting in a row,
With shotguns and bow staffs,
Tell me what they know,
Creating animosity,
With those like you those like me,
Liberal kids,
Being beaten down,
By government officials,
Killing Edgar Allen Poe.

Poems Explained:

The first poem is about 2 guys, and God. About how they are all fighting for my heart, and in the end, only one will win. The 'I will bow' part if saying in the end I think God will win, but I want to keep another 'tears will fall'. The whole 'STOP' thing is the feelings I'm having.
The second poem is about how this one guy really likes me, and I don't like him back. Our friendship fell apart. And in the end, as it always turns out, I hurt longer than everyone else does.

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